Programme Modernisation and Decentralisation (PROMODE): Component 3-Coordinated and Decentralised Provision of Public Services

The Program supports the reform at the national, provincial, cantonal and municipal level through three components: 1. State reform, 2. Fiscal management and financial relations within the Sate, 3. coordinated and decentralised provision of public services. The objective with regard to component 3 has been to support the territorial public administrations in order for them to provide their services considering the needs of the population and in the context of their formal competences.

Services included:

  • Advise to the institutions of the decentralised public administration in the design and implementation of their policies and strategies.
  • Advise to public, social and private actors in participation and communication methods.
  • Analysis of limitations and conflicts in the process of vertical coordination of public investments.
  • Advise in the implementation of modes of citizen participation and social control.
  • Advice to municipalities in the revision of their internal structures and procedures.
  • Support organisational and institutional change.
  • Design of training modules and support in their implementation.
  • Design, analysis and implementation of management and operation models for public service provision by intermunicipal associations and private-public partnership.
  • Analysis of norms and legal aspects for the establishment of intermunicipal associations and private-public partnership.
  • Strengthening of the cooperation with local comities and universities regarding approaches for better public service provision.
  • Training in the integrated management of public services (portable water, waste water, solid waste etc.).