Profile & History


AFC provides consultancy for public organisations and private companies related to technical and financial cooperation worldwide.

Our staff features extended hands-on experience combined with updated scientific know-how.

We believe that our technical expertise combined with strong strategic partnerships and reliable networks in many developing and transition countries, serves perfectly our clients all over the world - today and in the future.


Our mission: AFC provides competent consulting services to support agricultural, agribusiness and financial sector development in cooperation with public and private sector organizations in developing and transition countries.

Our vision: AFC will continue to be recognised by all stakeholders as a reliable company delivering sustainable solutions to projects in agriculture, agribusiness and financial sector development world-wide.

We will constantly build on our capacity:

  • to provide qualified technical assistance based on the latest scientific know-how and lessons learnt
  • to maintain experienced staff trained in the most current sector-specific practices
  • to expand access to finance
  • to improve overall living conditions in developing and transition countries around the world.