Ukraine_ Legal approximation Expert_Institutional and Policy Reform for Smallholder Agriculture

The project, EuropeAid/140723/DH/SER/UA, will support ongoing policy and institutional reforms in Ukraine’s Agriculture and Rural Development(ARD) sector based on an approved strategic action plan and the association agreement between the EU and the government of Ukraine. The project will notably contribute to more inclusive, competitive growth-orientated agriculture that respects the environment, increases rural incomes and slows down rural-urban migration.The project will operate at central but also at decentralized government levels. At central level, the project will support the government to develop effective evidence-based policy analysis and monitoring, and furtherapproximate Ukrainian legislation.

At decentralised level, the project will assist Oblasts and Amalgamated Territorial communities (ATCs) to actually and efficiently implement national strategy/policy/institutional reformslinked to ARD through capacity building, technical assistance, training, information and advisory support.

The purpose of this contract is as follows:

  • To contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable and competitive growth-orientated agricultural sector that respects the environment, increases rural incomes, and slows down migration from rural areas, i.e. reduces rural exodus.
  • To improve the capacity of central government and decentralised Oblast/ATC entities to create a positive enabling environment for the sustainable private sector development in rural areas in general, and the agriculture sector specifically, thereby improving livelihoods of smallholder farmers, encouraging the use of good agricultural practices (GAPs), and supporting ongoing reforms in the fisheries and forestry sectors.

Qualification and skills

  • At least Master's Degree (or equivalent) in law, agriculture, agriculture economics, economics or relevant subject or 10 years of professional experience (on top of minimum years and experience as described under General professional experience).
  • Command of Ukrainian and/or Russian language will be considered an asset.

General professional experience

  • Between 10 and 15 years of working experience relating to the definition and implementation of policy, development programmes, legislation and institutional reform and/or sector support programmes in the area of agriculture and/or rural development

Specific professional experience

  • Between 4 and 8 years of working experience relating to legislation and regulatory development in agriculture, food or rural policy, including at least 3 years in legal approximation of national legislation in transition countries with EU legislation;
  • Previous project management experience through the participation in at least 2 technical assistance projects, each of minimum 12 months duration.
  • Experience of participating to the implementation of at least 2 technical assistance projects in EU candidate/potential candidate countries or countries covered by ENI, ENPI, IPA and PHARE (or equivalent) Regulations will be considered an asset.
Start / Duration: 

The intended start date is 18 January 2021 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 44 months from this date.

The operational base for the project in Kyiv should be as close as possible to MDETA and MoEP. Missions to Oblasts, ATCs or other location(s) within the whole territory of Ukraine and other countries (if justified and approved by the EU Sector Manager) will take place as appropriate for the efficient implementation of the project.
Western and Southern Ukraine may be particularly targeted.

Please register your most recent CV here, indicating the title Ukraine_ Legal approximation Expert_Institutional and Policy Reform for Smallholder Agriculture. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted