Promotion of local economic development (PEDEL) : Mission de conseil et mise en œuvre d’approches de promotion de chaînes de valeur et de services de conseil au TPME

So far, Morocco's rural provinces have contributed little to the country's economic growth. Between 10 and 15% of the population lives in poverty. Youth unemployment is 23%, rural youth are disproportionately affected by unemployment and underemployment. The incomes of those working in rural provinces of whom more than 40% are active in agriculture, rarely exceed the level of subsistence. Local processing and value-adding of agricultural products is low. A large proportion of SME in rural provinces has low profitability and low competitiveness.

ILWS – Initiative Rural Rehabilitation Syria 2

The General Organisation for Seed Multiplication (GOSM) is one of the most important productive organisations belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Syrian Interim Government. GOSM is interested in supporting farmers, providing to them, at reduced price, technical services and all the requirements needed by the agricultural production such as good, sifted and treated seeds, in addition to fertilizers and other needs.

Support Programme for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Tunisia

The KfW with the approval of the Tunisian Ministry of Finance has envisaged a new project that will focus on startups and early-stage companies. The project’s core funding (€20 million) must be allocated in the form of a loan to the Tunisian State (component 1).

A support measure (€1.5 million) will also be available for capacity building. This capacity building will address startup and early-stage company segments at the level of partner financial institutions and entrepreneurs (component 2).  

Consulting Services for the “Deposit Insurance Fund” Project

The Palestine Monetary Authority has recently established the Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) in order to safeguard small bank depositors, promote a stable and sound banking sector and contribute to sustainable economic development in Palestine. The principal aim of the PDIC is to provide insurance for all deposits and especially for small deposits (up to US$10,000 and covering around 92 percent of depositors) at PMA-licensed banks operating in Palestine in case of bankruptcy or liquidation of the bank.

MENA_Southern Neighbourhood Bank Lending Survey Technical Assistance Programme

The objective of this TA operation is to help to deepen the understanding of the financial sector and access to finance in the Southern Neighbourhood, by launching a Bank Lending Survey in the Region. Ultimately, this will also support a well-informed dialogue of the EIB with the European Commission, EU member states, partner countries, local banks and other stakeholders about banking sector trends and private sector development in the Southern Neighbourhood.


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