Technical Assistance to the Agriculture for Development (A4D) Project

The objective of the Project was to increase production and improve quality of selected cash crops for export (namely cocoa, coffee and cashew) in the Kenema and the Kambia regions, therefore contributing to improve food and livelihood security.

The services of the contract included:

  • Ensure technical, administrative and financial management of the project, in complete conformity with EDF administrative, legal and financial procedures.
  • Assist in the preparation, management and implementation of annual Programme Estimates as direct labour operations, including the operation of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU).
  • Develop alternatives to validate the Logical Framework intervention logic and the review of the objectively verifiable indicators.
  • Propose specifications and terms of reference for supplies and services tenders as well as calls for proposals, participate in the evaluation of the bids, supervise and monitor the performance of the contract implementation.
  • Strengthen MAFFS in the follow-up of grant contracts and other implemented contracts according to the delegation given by the NAO.
  • Propose new methodologies with regards to work-plans and Monitoring & Evaluation, and assist in the set-up of an internal PME-system.
  • Identify necessary studies, participate in the elaboration of specific Terms of Reference and carry out the relevant follow-up.
  • Provide technical and advisory support to the MAFFS in sectors were capacity gaps have been identified such as the development of sector strategies, research, data collection, information management, extension services and private sector development, cross-cutting issues.
  • Provide technical and advisory support to the capacity-building of the District Councils and decentralised government offices.
  • Support the development of an adequate legal and regulatory framework (National Cocoa and Coffee policy; Sale of Goods Act; Companies Act; Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Act; Native Produce Regulations; Warehouse receipt law).
  • Support the development of commodity associations.
  • Support the improvement of port facilities and container handling.
  • Strengthen selected training and research institutions.