Support to conceptualizing an Agro-Logistic Centre in Namangan/Uzbekistan


This Project is part of the GIZ programme “Inclusive and ecological economic development in selected regions of Uzbekistan”. 
The overall objective of this programme is to enhance living standards in rural areas through creating new job places and increasing income opportunities in the project regions

In order to transform the agricultural industry and to promote the export potential of fruits and vegetables, it is important to develop an institutional mechanism, such as co-operation and integration of agricultural enterprises. The programme promoted the establish-ment of four producer cooperatives. One of them is ‘Valley Fruits’ in Namangan region. ‘Valley Fruits’ is planning to establish a modern ALC to facilitate the export of fresh fruit and vegetables from Fergana Valley.

The overall objective of the Agro Logistic Centre (ALC) is to provide services such as logistics, storage, sorting, processing and packaging for further marketing in the domestic and international markets. Quality assurance services like, laboratory analysis, food-safety certification and efficient customs clearance should be offered as well.

The programme has decided to support “Valley Fruits” with the development of a concept and business plan for the ALC, due to the limited experience and expertise in country. AFC will therefore prepare a technical concept and business plan for the planning of the ALC.