Responsible land policy

The project is located in the department of Borgou in the northeast of Benin where there is no secure access to land of the rural population (particularly women, and marginalised groups such as youths and migrants). But access to land is a central condition to fight poverty and hunger. 

The objective of the project is to increase the access to land of especially women and marginalised groups.

The assignment covers three main intervention areas:

  • Institutional framework conditions: Improvement of the institutional framework conditions and the procedures for the securing of land rights. This intervention area focuses on public institutions such as ministries (MAEP, MEFPD) and subordinate authorities (e.g. national authority for land administration ANDF, municipal authority for land administration BCDF).
  • Civil society: Participation of the civil society in the formulation and implementation of a responsible land policy.
  • Private investors: Sensitisation of private investors in the agricultural sector regarding responsible land policy in the context of the New Alliance of Food Security and Nutrition.