Promotion of Agricultural Qualification and Education under CAADP - Organisation of the CAADP Africa Fora 2013 - 2016

The Africa Forum was held with continental and regional platforms in alternating years: The forum was organised by the NEPAD Planning and Coordination Unit (NPCA) and the five regional farmer organizations (RFOs): i.e. North Africa (coordinated by UMAGRI), West Africa (coordinated by ROPPA), Central Africa (coordinated by PROPAC), East Africa (coordinated by EAFF) and South Africa (coordinated by SACAU).

AFC provided technical advice and intensive backstopping for the Regional Farmers Organisations to plan and implement the Forums, which included:

  • Assistance to the RFOs in the concept and organisation of the Forums (6 regional + 2 continental).
  • Advice and backstopping for the RFOs in the implementation of the Forums (incl. payment of local service providers, payment of flights etc. for participants, organisation of the Forums documentation).
  • Advice and backstopping for the RFOs in the financing of the Forums (incl. identification of new sponsors and partners from the private industry, recommendations for financing strategies etc.).
  • Assistance in the preparation, editing and dissemination of the Forum’s documentation (development of a proper knowledge management system).
  • Identification of training needs and development of respective training courses and their implementation.