Promoting vocational technical education and training in agriculture (ATVET) through NEPAD / CAADP

The project aims to systematically integrate agricultural education and training in the process of CAADP implementation. The national level is the main level of implementation of the CAADP process. Therefore it will be initiated and supported in selected African countries by project pilot activities.

Emphasis of the technical assistance will be on national level activities in the six selected countries in four main priority areas:

  1. Support the organizational development processes in selected training centres in the country.
  2. Improving employment standards, the development of training curricula, the training material and the training of teachers / trainers in public and private ATVET institutions (1-2 per country). The training should address technical, corporate and business content along the selected value chains.
  3. Support the training centres at demand-driven training along the value chain for the target groups (farmers and young agricultural entrepreneurs) and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of education as a quality assurance (backstopping of pilot training).
  4. Support of the national ATVET teams (consisting of government officials, the private sector, etc.) and stakeholders and advice, if required with respect to the processes to be created and ensure that the ownership of stakeholders is maintained and they are part of the national TVET system.