ProLocal- Value chain “Early potatoes in Herzegovina” and “Plum in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

The project promotes two value chains: “Early potatoes in Herzegovina” and “Plum in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Both are of significant importance for the Bosnian agricultural sector.

The project focuses on three fields of intervention in the promotion of value chains:

  • Technology/ technology for cultivation, preparation, storage and marketing.
  • Cooperative relations of the participants in the value chain.
  • Promotion of innovation and advice.

The following services are provided:

  • Analysis of framework conditions for the value chains;
  • Elaboration of strategies and action plans for the value chains under consideration of recent market trends;
  • Development of products;
  • Conception and implementation of pilot measures for the introduction of innovations;
  • Capacity building for advisors;
  • Initiation of platform / cluster in order to support cooperation within the value chains;
  • Organization of study tour(s) to Germany in order to show productions methods for potatoes and plums and to foster exchange with public representatives and other stakeholders of the value chain.