Global Programme Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector: India

The Project aims to support innovation of agriculture and the food industry, to help improve the income of small farms and increase both, employment in the agriculture and food sector and of the regional food supply, in selected states of India.

Services will be provided

At the micro level

  • Situation analysis, analysis of value chains, identification of innovation potentials and implementing partners.
  • Provide services to increase/ensure the availability of production inputs and other services and collaboration with companies in the upstream and downstream sectors.
  • Training needs assessment, development of training materials, provide training and consulting to strengthen farmers’ skills in order to sustainably increase productivity.
  • Encourage processing and marketing companies to improve their business relationships with producers, to comply with quality standards and to develop new markets.

At meso level

  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations / cooperatives / farmers’ groups, service providers, and education and training institutions to disseminate innovation.

At the macro level

  • Strengthen stakeholder networks to enable stakeholder contribution to the improvement of the political framework conditions