German-Nigerian Promotion of Productive Agriculture Programme (PromAP) II

The objective of the project is the sustainable development of the economic potential of the perimeters developed for small-scale irrigation in the programme regions Agadez, Tahoua and Tillabéri. This implies the development of training modules on a variety of topics related to small-scale irrigation in close collaboration with the action area C.

Activities include:

  • Advise the Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries/institutions concerned with the implementation of a national training strategy and training in the small-scale irrigation sub-sector;
  • Advise the national steering structure “SPIN” on training, dissemination of information and structuring of the very specific consultative approach;
  • Support public and private institutions (education) and service providers in the development of new training modules and programs;
  • Develop and test training quality management systems and support the development of professional standards and procedures for standard testing and certification;
  • Coordinate the organisation of trainings for the different providers;
  • Develop, together with actors of small-scale irrigation, an interactive analytical approach to the problem in order to identify possible solutions;
  • Develop a strategy and actively promote the networking of relevant institutions (ministries, research, civil society, service providers);
  • Integrated networking with research and training institutions to create innovations and distribution possibilities as contribution to a consultative system;
  • Cooperate with the chambers of agriculture for the implementation of early warning systems for the protection of plants and a market information system;
  • Implementation, analyses and descriptions of principles and approaches for the modernisation of small-scale agriculture;
  • Identify and test the launch of new impulses regarding the development in favour of disadvantaged groups 
  • Test a monitoring system for groundwater under different natural conditions;
  • Technical and organisational support for market-based initiatives for the processing and marketing of products from small-scale irrigation for disadvantaged groups (women, young adults);
  • Support for the action area A for further development of the concept for national consultation;
  • Collect experiences of the project and improve knowledge management;
  • Intensive participation in the planning and monitoring of the programme and its development;
  • Active participation in the development and implementation of strategies for cross-cutting issues;
  • Support the creation of partnerships with German and international organisations and companies in the small-scale irrigation sector;
  • Examine possibilities for cooperation with the business community.