Housing Finance

Housing shortages and rising housing costs in metropolitan, peri-urban and even rural areas are leading to a rise in housing exclusion, homelessness, and poor-quality housing: This situation is now affecting young people, single-parent and large families, workers, lower and the middle classes.

From another point of view, international experience shows that construction, and especially housing, is a powerful engine of sustainable economic growth. Housing construction creates or increases the demand for a large amount of goods and services including building materials, furniture, home equipment, architects’ services, building services, and transportation, among others. Accordingly, there is a great potential to increase the income of private sector entities and create a large number of jobs.

It should be added that the development of housing construction, which entails stimulating the development of private entrepreneurship and meeting one of the basic social needs of the population, is a great chance for the development of the country's financial sector at the same time. 

AFC implements Housing Finance Program in the Kyrgyz Republic as well as number of projects in the area of social and affordable housing. AFC worked for KfW, CEB and WB in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, India, Nigeria and number of other Central Asia, Caucasus and African countries conducting the studies and supporting the banks and mortgage companies in identification of housing needs, lending products, policies and procedures development, access to housing finance and related construction, energy efficiency, environmental and social standards areas.