New agro-pastoralism project launched in Mauritania


In January, AFC launched a new project in Mauritania in consortium with ECO Consult and IRAM.

The project focusses on strengthening training and research in the agro-pastoralism sector in the south-east of the country. Our activities are at the intersection of two interventions and the respective co-financing agreement between the EU and GIZ:

  • Institutional strengthening in Mauritania for Agro-Pastoral Resilience (EU funded - RIMRAP)
  • Promotion of employment and occupational integration in rural areas (GIZ funded - PELIMIR)

The contract value of this project is 2.4 million € and the project will run over 30 months. Our team of four long term experts, comprising a team leader, expert in applied research, expert in training, and M&E expert,  will be based in the regional town of Kaédi.

They will work closely with Mauritanian research and training institutes as well as with the RIMRAP Technical Assistance (implemented by IRAM-AFC-UCAD), and implementing NGOs of the RIMRAP programme. Our strategy is to focus on the introduction of agro-pastoral field schools through a cascade training system involving the training centres. Furthermore we will work with the research institutes in order to strengthen farmer led research programmes.