Mali wins first prize at the Green Innovation Centre annual conference in Malawi



From 17-19th September the 15 country Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIAE) met in Malawi for a workshop on “rural attractiveness: perspectives for transformation”. AFC’s teamleaders from the Mali, Ghana, India and Nigera projects all took part.

We are delighted to announce that the Mali stand won first prize for its Stand at the GIAE Market Place.


The stand presented the project’s concept for innovation platforms. These platforms serve as a coalition of actors from throughout the value chain which meet to share their experiences, knowledge, resources and ideas in order to solve problems and seize new opportunities together.

The platforms have 4 categories of actors;

  1. The demand side for innovations,
  2. The supply side for innovations,
  3. Finance institutions,
  4. Extension services regarding the utilization of innovations.

A few concrete examples of results of the platforms are:

  • Storage sites for ware potatoes with a solar ventilation system developed by the Sikasso innovation platform which has helped reduce post-harvest losses and increase incomes for smallholder farmers
  • Sharing of strategic information for mango farmers and mango processors with regards to mango marketing.


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