Development of a Resource Box for the management of Fruit Flies in Ghana


The Ghanaian horticultural industry is an important source of employment and income generation. However, insect pests such as Fruit Flies are causing serious damage across a range of fruit and vegetable crops with reported direct losses of 40-80%. Furthermore, this pest can seriously threaten the export industry as consignments, and at the worst, the whole country itself may be banned from exporting. _ In the light of this, AFC developed, through its engagement in the GIZ-Market Oriented Agricultural Programme (MOAP), a competency based training approach together with an accompanying Fruit Fly Resource Box, which contains basic fruit fly management information and hands-on training resources for growers and extension workers.

The Resource Box is constructed from light but strong and durable plywood. It is highly compartmentalized to contain training cards for interactive training activities, traps, bait, lures, a magnifying glass, training matrix and assessments, pamphlets etc. The Resource Box has been used in the Training of Trainers, reaching some 750 multiplication agents and farmers to date and leading to a substantial reduction in rejects of mango fruits due to fruit fly presence or damage. Farmers appreciate the simple but innovative way by which fruit fly management strategies are brought to their door steps. Fruit Fly management strategies have now been extended to input dealers, fruit processors, exporters and market women/traders.