Ukraine_Advising Ukraine on agricultural trade issues

Project objective is to enable Ukrainian agricultural and food companies in terms of their capacities to identify European export markets, enter them, consolidate and grow in them and to prepare to open their own markets. Furthermore, the project aims at informing German companies on agricultural trade issues with Ukraine.

The project activities are to lead to the following results:

  1. Continuation of the established German-Ukrainian working group (WG) on agricultural trade, coordination of the composition of the working group members and management of the working group as well as annual coordination of a catalogue of topics.
  2. Clarification of the possibility of a direct participation in the reform support team (RST) working group “market development” and/or the mechanisms of a feedback of the RST WG activities with the WG “agricultural trade”.
  3. Development and coordination of a catalogue of topics/measures for MAPE consultation outside the working group.
  4. Preparation of consulting concepts for the agreed topics, selection of additional consultants if necessary, and documentation of the consultations.
  5. Development of a concept to support MAPF in strengthening the capacity of selected staff.
  6. Identification and exchange with relevant international projects for synergies in project implementation as well as for information on current consulting contents and political and economic developments.

Tasks of the expert:

  • Independent presentation of the project at professional events in Ukrainian, Russian and English in order to provide an overview of all project activities and partners on the requirements of Western European trade for international producers; he requirements for the production and marketing of organically produced foodstuffs and on practical foreign trade promotion strategies;
  • Cooperation with the project management and with other partners; support of the team leader, the international and national LZE and project assistance in the organisation and implementation of project measures;
  • Support of the international long-term expert to improve the export capability in the implementation of the results;
  • Collecting customer contacts and inquiries about the project's service portfolio and working out with the team leader how this need can be covered by the project;
  • Participation in strategic questions, including the contribution of own ideas, so that the project fulfills the project and service description in the best possible way;
  • Translations and interpreting services within the framework of project implementation on three languages Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • Support of the team leader in reporting.



Necessary minimum requirements/exclusion criteria:

  • Completed university studies (at least Master's degree)
  • Very good knowledge of the Ukrainian language
  • Good knowledge of English and/or German

Other qualifications/experiences which are positively taken into account in the evaluation (advantageous):

  • At least 5 years professional experience
  • Knowledge of EU trade requirements for agricultural products
  • Ability to identify and analyze data, to edit and present it
  • Experience in dealing with MS Office

Please send you most recent CV to