Senior MSME Product Expert - Supporting the expansion of lending to micro and small businesses in Georgia

The overall objective of this assignment is to support the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Georgia through enhanced access to finance. In particular, during the project a team of experts will be engaged by AFC to support a bank in Georgia in the implementation of its transformation to become a universal bank with strong capabilities to lend to micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

The main responsability of the expert is to contribute to the Improvement of the Organizational Setup and Assessment Methodologies for Micro and Small Business Loans.

The envisaged tasks of the expert are:

1. Conduct a review of the MSME business set-up with special emphasis on:

  • organizational set up of the MSME operations from the perspective of the strategic goal to significantly increase the SME lending business, including a review of the distribution of resources and responsibilities between the headquarter and branches;
  • comprehensive review of the proposed loan product characteristics and conditions for the micro and small business loan products; and
  • lending methodology and processes with regard to the requirements of the MSMEs credit cycle, with a special focus on accommodating increased MSME lending volumes and fully integrating new lending streams into existing business structures and processes.

2. Development/improvement of a specific operations manual for MSME loans that includes:

  • adequate risk management processes/solutions for existing and new MSME products in line with international best practice in the field; and
  • structures and processes that are designed to improve the efficiency of MSME lending;

3. Development of a strategy for the efficient use of data for loan decisions in the micro and small business segment, including:

  • definition of requirements for the collection, processing and warehousing of data for micro and small businesses that can form the basis for a future development of data-based credit scoring models; and
  • development of a strategic roadmap for the development of credit scoring models

Qualifications and skills

  • University Degree in Economics, Law, Banking, Business Administration, or related disciplines; good analytical and reasoning skills and the capacity to provide sound judgement concerning the issues in his/her area of expertise;

General professional experience

  • 8 years of relevant professional experience in working with banking with an MSME focus.

Specific professional experience

  • Two CV prooved experiences of working with designing products and lending methodologies in the area of MSME finance for financial institutions;
  • At least one CV prooved experience in data analysis and data-driven decision systems;
  • CV prooved experience in at least two of the following fields: development of loan methodologies for MSMEs; development of MSME scoring systems; training of loan officers; development of non-financial services for MSMEs.
Start / Duration: 

The project is expected to start in Q2 2021 and last for 18 months.

The Location of the Assignment will be the Republic of Georgia. The Service Provider will primarily work on the premises of the bank in Tbilisi, with frequent travel to other locations in Georgia.

Brief diagnostic report with analysis and (60 m/d); MSME Loan Manual (60 m/d); Strategy document (60 m/d)

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