Myanmar_Irrigated Agriculture Inclusive Development Project (IAIDP)

The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has received a financing from the French Development Agency (AFD) for the Irrigated Agriculture Inclusive Development Project (IAIDP), and intends to use part of the funds thereof for payments under the following contract package: Consulting Services for the Agricultural Development Unit (ADU).

The Consultant services of the Agricultural Development Unit (ADU) will be responsible for providing technical assistance to the Department of Agriculture (DOA) at the Union, regional, district and township levels to implement a range of activities under Output 1 of the project to support agricultural value chain development, coordinated services to farmers and private sector development within farming and landless communities and other key project participants, including the establishment and development of Frontline Centers over a 6-year period.

The consultancy service is divided into two (2) stages. The 1st stage is the preparation of the “Agricultural Support Assessment and Delivery Strategy” and preparation of 5 Frontline centers (FCs)’ construction. Stage 1 will be under a lump sum type of contract with an implementation period of 8 months. The 2nd stage will consist in supporting DOA in its role of implementation agency of Output 1. In particular, it will include the provision of support for the establishment and operationalization of FCs and associated activities according to the approved Agricultural Support Assessment and Delivery Strategy. Stage 2 services will commence after successful completion of Stage 1 and will be implemented under a time-based contract with implementation period 60 months.

Seed producton specialist (international) will:
(i) Participate to the development of the methodology for operationalization of FCs, good agricultural practices activities and associated activities with DOA, DAR and AMD counterparts under Project output 1. In particular, he/she will ensure that the methodology take into account:
a. The identfiation of appropriate crop varieties and the amount of foundation seed required to multiply by DAR to meet the demand of
farmers in the project area, in collaboration with DOA
b. The Review of the various seed multiplication options for contract farming and PPP modalities and work with DAR/DOA and private sector to formulate a working model for implementation as a pilot;
c. The Work in collaboration with PIUs, FCs and DAR in organizing certified seed production in project areas and seed growers and the assistance in certified seed production;
d. The Organization of training and skill empowerment programmes covering the major seed production techniques such as removal of offtypes,
rouging, timely harvest, processing and storage of seeds in the frontline demonstration blocks;
e. Creation of awareness of the advantages of using good quality seeds and in promoting the use of quality seeds by conducting the improved varietal trials;


(i) a bachelor’s degree at minimum, and preferably a master’s degree or equivalent qualification in their field of specialization or a related field;

(ii) a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience;

(iii) demonstrated experience working on projects in Southeast Asia, preferably in Myanmar;

(vi) strong interpersonal and communication skills in English; and (v) a working knowledge of donor-funded requirements.

Start / Duration: 


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