International Technical Advisor (ITA)/ Team Coordinator for the Inovacarne Project: Innovation and Sustainability in the Beef, Timber, and Soybean Production Chains in the Amazon Region

In a decade, beef production in the Amazon has grown more than 25% (from 48.7 million head of cattle in 2007 to 62.2 million in 2017). Even so, in the Amazon alone there are about 10 million hectares of abandoned or poorly used pastures. Sixty five percent of the deforested area in the region is occupied by pastures, with an average stocking rate of less than one head of cattle per hectare. These abandoned pastures can be destined for natural regeneration according to the Forest Code or recovery for agricultural destination, which would incorporate into the agricultural production system, a large extension of area, without the need to open new areas for agriculture.


The objectives of the Project INOVACARNE consist of the conservation of the forests of the Amazon Region and the sustainable use of its natural resources through compliance with socio-environmental norms related to those agricultural value chains that most threaten the Amazon Forest (meat, timber, and soy). This requires a well-coordinated cooperation between the competent authorities, producers, the private sector, and civil society.

To achieve its objectives, the project is structured in 4 major components aiming at the following outputs:

(1) Tools for classifying and monitoring the socio-environmental situation of rural properties and intermediate products of the selected value chains (beef, timber, soybean) are used by the competent authorities at federal and state level (socio-environmental compliance platform).

(2) Effective initiatives to improve the traceability of sustainably produced products along the value chains and their valorization are expanded.

(3) Socio-environmental status (compliance of environmental and social standards) of rural properties in priority areas improved.

(4) Project management, monitoring, and evaluation.


General Qualifications:

  • Professional experience in international financial cooperation projects (preferably KfW, World Bank or EU), min. 10 years
  • Minimum professional experience as coordinator of technical teams of the same international cooperation project, min. 4 years
  • Regional experience in Brazil, min. 5 years
  • Proficiency in Portuguese and German or English


Specific Qualifications:

  • Experience with project management with similar themes (sustainable agricultural and livestock production; environmental sustainability; standards and traceability systems in the agricultural and livestock sector etc.)
  • Experience as coordinator of complex projects of great magnitude in terms of resources and institutional complexity with governmental, non-governmental and private initiative actors
  • Experience with strategies and business models aligned to ESG best practices (compliance) and/or with the application of KfW or World Bank sustainability standards (ASSST)
  • Experience in environmental compliance and/or adequacy and environmental compensation (e.g. CAR, PRA, agroforestry and cattle ranching systems, Low Carbon Projects, Good Agricultural Practices Projects (GAP))
  • Experience with certification and/or traceability of agricultural and forestry production chains, preferably beef
  • Experience in innovative approaches, methodologies and processes or new technologies in Agribusiness
  • Experience with training and workshops
  • Professional experience in the Brazilian Amazon region
Start / Duration: 

48 months, starting April or May 2022

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