Climate Risk Management IT expert-ICT Platform for Climate Risk Management in Agribusiness Value Chains

Cambodia’s agricultural sector is the most vulnerable sector to impacts of climate change, which are manifested in the form of increased temperatures, high variability of precipitation patterns, frequent droughts, floods, and increased salinity intrusion, especially in coastal areas.

The project aims to boost climate resilience of critical agricultural infrastructure and help commercialize rice, maize, cassava, and mango production. It will help increase crop productivity and diversification; improve the capacity for storage, processing, and quality and safety testing; and promote the use of solar and bioenergy. It will strengthen the technical and institutional capacity for climate-smart agriculture (CSA) and create an enabling policy environment for climate-friendly agribusinesses. The project has 3 outputs:

  • Output 1: Critical agribusiness value chain infrastructure improved and made climate resilient.
  • Output 2: Climate-smart agriculture and agribusiness promoted.
  • Output 3: Enabling environment for climate-friendly agribusiness enhanced

S)he will report to the team leader and will:

  • Undertake requirement gathering for emergency assistance management activities applicable to the context;
  • Scan the market and evaluate applicability of the off the shelf products;
  • Design the system specifications and associated business processes;
  • Contribute to the RFP by way of providing technical and function specifications input and assist in evaluation and onboarding of system integrators; and
  • Develop training manuals, and act as a technical advisor to the system integrator;
  • Oversee implementation of the solutions and processes and guide implementation of the pilot solution.
  • A relevant educational background (preferably in finance with IT)
  • Adequate experience in designing automated solutions for emergency and disaster management activities.
Start / Duration: 

6 person-months, intermittent

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