Agro- Economists and Financial experts in Agro-Business Planning, Technology and Marketing Advice and implementation Support Livestock and Dairy Development project (LDDP)

The LDDP project seeks to promote climate resilient productivity growth, enhance market access' and improve risk management among smallholder farmers and Agro-entrepreneurs, by providing support for climate smart production systems, farmer empowement and commercialization.

The project will foster a market-led transformation of livestock production, while ensuring that the supply response to growing demand is sustainable, inclusive, safe, and environmentally conscious. To this end, the project will improve the ecosystem for value chain development by financing key infrastructures including markets, and access to market, insurance and financial products and services, capacity building and knowledge.

Climate resilient livestock production systems will be developed through the promotion of appropriate climate smart agriculture (CSA) practices addressing feeding strategies, animal health and welfare, animal husbandry and breeding, as well as manure and (including waste management production of energy), improved storage and processing it. Existing experience to foster the generation of renewable energy from solar.

The project is designed and will be implemented taking into consideration the different gender roles. The project will actively pursue the participation of women across all project activities.

  • Advanced university degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Management or Economics or related discipline;
  • At least 7 years' international experience in economic research, assessments of agribusinesses, policy development and business analysis especially focused on the lowincome population segment including women;
  • Work experience in a development institution, economic policy think-tank/research organization, or economic policy development and analysis consultancy firm will have an added advantage;
  • Knowledge of business plan preparation and ability to prepare financial statements;
  • Knowledge of business plan preparation for MSME and large enterprise using business tool such as COMFAR, Rural Investor others is an advantage;
  • Expereince in establishing Grant Schemes
Start / Duration: 

The assignment/study period shall be of in the framework of the LDDP program. A five years duration from the date of commencement of the LDDP program is envisaged. Currently the project is at the start of its 2nd year which means that a 4 years implementation period is remaining starting from the 1st January 2020.

Please apply here and indicate the name of the position. Please note, that only shortlisted experts will be contacted.