Roster Food Security Expert

Alarmed by a potential rise in food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries and organizations are mounting special efforts to keep agriculture safely running as an essential business, markets well supplied in affordable and nutritious food, and consumers still able to access and purchase food despite movement restrictions and income losses.

However, as the coronavirus crisis unfolds, disruptions in domestic food supply chains and other shocks affecting food production, and loss of incomes and remittances are creating strong tensions and food security risks in many countries.

Labor shortages (due to morbidity, movement restrictions, social distancing rules) are starting to impact producers, processors, traders and logistics companies in food supply chains.

Ongoing AFC Activities in the Sector

At the project level, AFC is working with governments, national and international partners to support domestic food and agricultural value supply chains.  We’re building on existing projects and deploying short and long-term expertise. Examples for potential inputs  could be :

  • Increasing agricultural production and productivity;
  • Increasing incomes and promoting rural economic cycles;
  • Improving nutritional status;
  • Increasing the stability of food security and capacities to cope with fragility.




  • Advanced University degree in one of the following fields: nutrition, public health, social sciences, life sciences or other related disciplines.
  • Training (course) in intersectoral/intercluster integration work for food secuirty outcomes is an advantage.

Work experience

  • At least five years of progressively responsible professional work experience at the national and international levels in intersectoral / intercluster integration work for food security outcomes;
  • Work experience in developing countries and emergency context;
  • Experience working with international and local partners, donors and local authorities.


Expertise in intersectoral/intercluster integration work for nutrition / food security outcomes in the following areas:

  • Guideline development or revision;
  • Cluster strategy, work plan or scale up plan development;
  • Programme implementation and monitoring;
  • Ability to identify issues, formulate opinions, make conclusions and recommendations;
  • Demonstrated professional competence and mastery of subject matter; conscientiousness and efficiency in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and meeting results;
  • Strong organizational, planning, and analytical skills;
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivity and ability to establish harmonious working relations in a multicultural environment.
Start / Duration: 


Please upload your most recent CV here, indicating the name of the project 

Please note, that only shortlisted experts will be contacted