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Feasibility Study for Social and Affordable Housing Programme

Lithuania and Council of Europe Deevelopment Bank (CEB) are interested in developing a potential social and/or affordable housing programhis would be the first housing programme in Lithuania financed by CEB, and its financing is planned to be based on a comprehensive feasibility study to ensure that the programme is developed within the framework of a long-term sustainable housing system.


Oschadbank: Internal capacity building for MSME lending

Public Joint-Stock Company “State Savings Bank of Ukraine” (Oschadbank or OB) is the leading Ukrainian bank with the largest network of branch offices consisting of more than 3,000 opera-tional offices in 23 regional administrations. The cooperation between the EBRD and OB started in 2016 to support the implementation of the “Reform of state-owned banks (SOB) strategy”, both through direct cooperation under various financing programs and through a comprehensive technical support package.

German-Kazakh Agricultural Dialogue (APD Kazakhstan)

The projects aims at improving the legal and institutional frameworks for the further development of a sustainable agricultural sector at various levels and to provide instruments for the technical implementation. The project will improve the growing mutual understanding of political leaders as well as professional and managerial staff in the German and Kazakh agriculture sector in central questions concerning agricultural policy and transferred know-how is included into political decision-making processes.


German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue

The project serves as a dialogue platform for actors of the Ukrainian agricultural and political sectors and as a facilitator between private enterprises of the agri-food sector.

Overall objective: Support Ukrainian political decision-makers in reforming agricultural legislation and policy by taking into account international experiences of Germany and multilateral organisations (such as EU and WTO) as well as respecting the principles of a market economy.

Technical Assistance Programme to various EIB Microfinance Operations in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

The DCFTA Initiative East is a facility aimed at supporting economic growth and employment-generating activities in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. The DCFTA facility comprises customised technical assistance to counterpart Financial Institutions (FIs) in the 3 aforementioned countries.

The purposes of this technical assistance operation are as follows:

Housing Finance Programme

While larger Financial Institutions (FI) in Kyrgyzstan are now experienced with providing housing loans, some of them will need assistance in establishing adequate products for rural customers. Furthermore, Financial Institutions need to build a solid refinancing base in local currency and therefore need to develop and market savings products (including the contract savings product that shall be implemented by State Mortgage Company (SMC)), taking into consideration the peculiarities of the rural areas.

Consultant for Business Continuty Plan within the Eastern Neighborhood TA Program for Financial Inclusion (ENTAFI)


Credo Bank within the scope of Eastern Neighborhood TA Program for Financial Inclusion (ENTAFI), funded by European Investment Bank (EIB) and implemented by Agricultural & Finance Consultants GMBH (AFC) intends to implement Business Continuity Plan in order to ensure operations and core business functions are not impacted by a potential disaster or unplanned incident that may take critical systems offline.

Main Objectives and Deliverables:

Gestionnaire francophone finances et contrats

AFC Agriculture & Finance Consultants est un cabinet de conseil international dans le domaine de la coopération technique et financière depuis 40 ans et réalise actuellement plus de 80 projets en Asie, Europe, Afrique et Amérique latine. Nos clients sont des bailleurs de renommée internationale tels que la GIZ, KfW, BEI, UE, BAD et IFC.

Nous employons actuellement 50 personnes dans notre bureau à Bonn et plus de 450 experts à court et à long terme dans le monde entier. Le chiffre d'affaires annuel d'AFC est d'environ 28 millions d'euros (2018).

Advising Ukraine on agricultural trade issues - within the framework of the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement DCFTA between the EU and Ukraine; short title: Agritrade (2nd project phase)

The project objective is to strengthen public and private structures in the Ukrainian agriculture and food sector for the further sustainable development of trade in the framework of the DCFTA.

Services provided
Activities on Outcome 1 (Agricultural trade policy dialogue):


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