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Ukraine_Advising Ukraine on agricultural trade issues

Project objective is to enable Ukrainian agricultural and food companies in terms of their capacities to identify European export markets, enter them, consolidate and grow in them and to prepare to open their own markets. Furthermore, the project aims at informing German companies on agricultural trade issues with Ukraine.

The project activities are to lead to the following results:

Azerbaijan_Support for the Development of Non Bank Finance and Alternative Financial Instruments to Develop Economic Diversification

Scope of Work

The expert will work closely with the team leader and FIMSA to assess the enabling environment for postal financial services, as well as FIMSA’s institutional and organizational capacity to regulate and supervise these services and draw from international best practice to highlight options for reform. Key findings and recommendations will be included in the action plan and in designing financial education and literacy programs.

Serbia_Development of Financial System in Rural Areas in Serbia

Rural Areas in Serbia face tremendous challenges in regard of structural change. The last census in the Republic of Serbia (updated in 2014 by the national Statistical Office) showed that only 40% of the Serbian population remains to live in rural areas. Nevertheless rural economy still contributes more than 20% to the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and carried the overall economy through the last recessions.


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