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China_Deutsch-Chinesischer Ackerbau und Landtechnik-Demonstrationspark (DCALDP)

Der Agrarsektor Chinas hat sich seit den Reformen Ende der 1970er Jahre stark verändert. Die größten Herausforderungen der Agrarpolitik liegen derzeit in den Bereichen Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit. Die „nachhaltige Modernisierung“ der chinesischen Landwirtschaft ist auch ein wichtiges Element zur Sicherung der Ernährung.

Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector: India

The “Global Programme Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector, India” is part of the special initiative “A World Without Hunger”, which aims to pro-mote modernization and professionalization of the agri-food industry in 13 countries, amongst them India. In India, the national agriculture and food industry cannot take advantage of the existing huge market potential due to technical and organizational obstacles.

Myanmar_Irrigated Agriculture Inclusive Development Project (IAIDP)

IAIDP, a sector project, will increase agricultural value added by improving irrigation and strengthening agricultural value chains in three regions of Myanmar's central dry zone (CDZ). It will support the development of district-wide agricultural value chains and the modernization of irrigation systems in Magway district of the Magway region, Shwebo district of the Sagaing region, and Meiktila and Yamethin districts in the Mandalay region during a 7-year implementation period.

Sino-German Crop Production and Agricultural Technology Park, Phase II

The aim of the project is to improve agricultural production by introducing modern German agricultural machinery and production methods with highest standards. In order to achieve this objective, the Chinese partner (SKIAD) will provide 150 ha of land and inputs for crop production trial and demonstration purposes. The agricultural equipment such as harvesting machine, tractors, sprayers, etc. is provided by private German companies.

Small and Medium Enterprises Access to Finance Project

The development of a large, competitive and innovative SMEs sector is one of the key elements of Lao PDR’s long-term development strategy. As in other countries in the world, SMEs create most of the private sector jobs in the economy and are a critical element for poverty alleviation and shared prosperity. Despite impressive macroeconomic performance in the past years, most firms in Lao PDR still remain small.


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