Training, Technical Assistance and Strengthening of Beneficiaries, Professional Organizations and Service Providers within the Date Value Chain in Selected Oasis Regions

The project achieved the following objectives:

  • Enhancement of date palm production techniques by combining local knowledge with international innovations.
  • Capacity development of actors in the date value chain from input supply to commercialization, taking into consideration good agricultural practices as well as the fluctuations of the market.
  • Development of professional associations along the value chain of date production and processing, enhancement of their technical, economic and management capacities with regard to an enlargement of their frame of action and to an intensification of their activities.
  • Vertical integration of suppliers, producers, traders and processors within the date value chain by setting up sustainable and equitable partnerships.
  • Integration of women and female groups into the value chain.
  • Facilitation of financial services and incentives for investment in the date value chain in order to contribute to a dynamic intensification of investments in oasis zones.

The services provided within this contract are grouped into three components which are implemented in two pilot zones covering five provinces (offices in Errachidia and Zagora):

  1. Training and technical assistance to date producers, their families, and their associations
  2. Training and technical assistance to date processors, including storage, packaging and marketing of date products
  3. Support to pilot projects for rural women and female groups.