Technical assistance to the implementation of the project “Structuring and improvement of rural agricultural training and insertion” (SAFARI)

The SAFARI (“Structuration, Amélioration de la Formation Agricole Rurale et de l’Insertion”) project aims to contribute to the development of agricultural and rural vocational training courses and to the integration of young people through structuring and improving the agricultural and rural training system.  

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Improve the supply of agricultural and rural training
  • Contribute to the establishment of a perennial financing mechanism for the agricultural and rural training and insertion/installation
  • Strengthen the control of the mechanisms of agricultural and rural training


Services provided:

1.    Technical Assistance and support of the Project Monitoring and Coordination Unit (USCP) in the technical and financial management of the project

  • Drafting of the project procedures manual
  • Classification of Agricultural and Rural Training Centers (CFAR) and elaboration of validation criteria for investment projects / for material needs
  • Design of a monitoring & evaluation system and elaboration of partnership agreements
  • Permanent assistance of the project coordinator
  • Support of the Ministry in the preparation of notices to expressions of interest, consultation files and contracts to be passed in the framework of the project (technical expertise, equipment, work, supervision)

2.    Facilitation of the capacity-building actions of the corporate services, in particular in the field of project management, the coordination and steering of the agricultural and rural training, the establishment of a perennial mechanism for co-financing by the state of the rural agricultural training, the gradual adjustment of the classification criteria of the training centres.

  • Preparation of training modules and teaching materials
  • Strengthening of the methods and capacities of the unit and the actors of the project in the execution procedures
  • Strengthening of the administrative management capacity of the project unit (monitoring of commitments under the project funding agreement, assistance in preparation of the dashboards, work plans, periodic performance report of the project and other due diligence foreseen in the project funding agreement)
  • Initiation of actions to support the capacity building of the Ministry (training, monitoring and evaluation...)
  • Training of executives (mainly ministries in charge of agriculture and technical education) in engineering and economics of training