TA to promote private entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso under the Program for Economic Growth within the Agricultural Sector (PCESA) – Component A

The Program for Economic Growth within the Agricultural Sector (PCESA) is the third Danish support program for the agricultural sector.

The global goal of the PCESA is to contribute to an increase in productivity, added value and agricultural incomes in order to contribute to national economic growth and poverty reduction.

Component A aims to develop and improve access to consulting services for rural businesses/companies in order to increase productivity, job creation and their expansion.

The TA's role is to develop the competences of the staff in the House of Enterprise in Burkina Faso (MEBF) and of the General Direction for the Promotion of Rural Economy (DGPER) in terms of:

  1. Support to private sector companies involved in the agricultural sector: advice and consulting in management, marketing and commercial strategy, and support in terms of equipment for producers integrated into value chains (maize, Arabic gum, shea, cowpea, livestock / meat.).
  2. Green funding : facilitate energy alternatives to wood, support research and development in transformation technology (certified quality and quantity, and waste management) and notably of « green » technologies.
  3. Support to agricultural interprofessional organisations : actions aimed at boosting applied research in agronomy for an effective green growth, professional training.
  4. Competitive poles and clusters.
  5. Integrating projects and private-private partnership (between companies in the same value chain).
  6. Development private-public sector dialogue.
  7. Regulatory framework for the public and private sector : improvement of standards and quality in the agriculture sector.
  8. Planning, supervision, monitoring and evaluation and integration of gender aspects and priorities and cross-cutting themes.