Sustainable Economic Development Programme: TA Package1: Set-up of a National Savings and Credit Cooperative Association and TA Package 2: Support Financial Institutions in Value Chain Financing

The project aimed at supporting the set up and strengthening the operations of the National Association for Savings and Credit Cooperatives (NASCC) – TA package 1 and at the same time the project provided technical assistance to financial institutions and enterprises along selected value chains with respect to value chain finance - TA package 2.

Services included:

  • Development of a business plan taking into consideration the new structure of NASCC in the SCC sector.
  • Establishing a member- and service-oriented NASCC which is supportive to the SCC sector.
  • Development of an appropriate services for NASCC within a service fee structure.
  • Developing and launching a pilot product and support selected SCCs in their activities.
  • Elaborating a joint strategy for refinancing SCCs by taking into account the future role of NASCC.
  • Analysing the current regulatory environment of credit unions (CU); liaised with Central Bank and elaborate a self regulation concept for the whole CU sector.
  • Advising the Central Bank on the setup of a credit guarantee fund.
  • Organisation of a study tour with BoD of the Central Bank, representatives of credit unions and cooperative banks to different German institutions: BaFin, Apex institutions etc.