Sustainable Economic Development Programme (SEDIN) (Unit 2: Private Sector Development), SME Loop training and coaching

The overall Development Cooperation (DC) Programme has the programme objective that framework conditions for MSMEs (particularly access to innovative and demand oriented financial services) and the integration of poor population groups into a sustainable growth process have been improved. The module objective of the project reads: The employment and income situation of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in selected sectors have improved.

Scope of service provision:

  • Work package 1 - Adaptation of SME Loop materials for existing MSMEs
  • Work package 2 - Development and testing of SME loop materials for start-ups
  • Work package 3 - Training of trainers and coaches (ToTCs)
  • Work package 4 - Interactive self-learning material, including e-learning approaches
  • Work package 5 - Promotional material including posters and flyers
  • Work package 6 – Institutionalisation of SME loop trainings within partner organisations