Sustainable Economic Development Programme (SEDIN)/ Intervention Area 3: “Development of agricultural and non-agricultural value chains”

The overall objective of the SEDIN is to suport the establishment of framework conditions for business and investment activities of MSMEs, in particular their access to markets and resources and their contribution to income and employment.

Services provided included:

  1. Strategic assessment of selected value chains: Conducted a mapping of selected value chains, identified service needs in all segments of the selected value chains, supported relevant actors in the elaboration of a development strategy for selected value chains. 
  2. Capacity development of stakeholders in selected value chains: Advised and trained public and private service providers in order to strengthen their ability to deliver demand-oriented services to producers, processors and traders in the selected value chains, organizational and institutional strengthening of apex organizations, technical assistance to artisans, producers and processors regarding production technologies and quality assurance, supported the establishment of a pool of trainers and ensure the quality and sustainability of training activities, identified, documented and disseminated successful training concepts and materials as best practices.
  3. Development of business models in selected value chains: Advised stakeholders in the development of profitable business models, adviced, accompanied and coached actors in the establishment and consolidation of business to business relationships, assisted stakeholders in the identification, development and marketing of demand oriented service products along the selected value chains, supported partners in the identification, development and delivery of financial services to value chain actors, evaluated lessons learned and promote the dissemination of appropriate business models.
  4. Design of public-private networks of support for MSMEs in the selected value chains: Supported stakeholders in the set-up of value chain councils on federal and regional level, identified and supported the establishment of private-public-partnerships (PPP), accompanied the implementation of PPP projects technically and organizationally, supported the establishment of networks on horizontal and vertical level for the exchange of experiences between stakeholders.