Support to the Maison de l'Entreprise du Burkina Faso (MEBF) in scaling up SME Loop in Burkina Faso


In West Africa, Burkina Faso is one of the countries selected for the implementation of the Green Innovation Centres Project (ProCIV), which operates in the Hauts-Bassins, Cascades, Boucle du Mouhoun and South-West regions, mainly in the sesame and rice value chains (CVA).

ProCIV is an innovation accelerator, contributing to the attractiveness of the rural world by building long-lasting partnerships between autonomous actors in agricultural value chains. The project aims to identify and disseminate "innovations in the agricultural and food sectors that have contributed to sustainable rural development in selected rural areas".

The achievement of this objective requires the operationalization of six major themes:

  • Strengthening of agricultural producers;
  • Support to the private sector;
  • Access to services and information;
  • Institutional strengthening;
  • Testing and validation of innovations;
  • Advocacy and communication.

Component 1:  Advisory support for the introduction of the SME Loop in MEBF

  • Strengthen the organizational framework of MEBF for a professional implementation of the SME Loop that allows for the achievement of the Project objectives;
  • Assist MEBF in the design and implementation of the different stages of the SME Loop Assist MEBF in the formulation of selection criteria and in the selection and recruitment of trainers and coaches
  • Assist MEBF in the selection of enterprises to be supported;
  • Strengthen the training, coaching and mentoring skills of MEBF staff in charge of the introduction and implementation of the SME Loop:
  • Provide induction training for new SME Loop Senior Coaches and Business Coaches and refresher training for existing SME Loop Senior Coaches and Business Coaches in the SME Loop methodology
  • Consultancy support for the 8 SME Loop Senior Coaches (6 from MEBF, 2 from ProCIV) during the implementation of the SME Loop (training, supervision of business coaches)
  • Support the adaptation of training and coaching tools and modules to support the development of 400 enterprises (200 SO GIZ funding, 200 E ENABEL funding).

Component 2: Monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management

  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation system for the SME Loop that is consistent with the supranational standardized monitoring and evaluation system.