Strengthening Microfinance Sector Operations and Supervision - Microfinance Training

Objective of the Project is to support ongoing government efforts to develop a vibrant microfinance sector with diverse financial institutions operating in a harmonized prudential environment. Services included:

Training for financial institutions involved in microfinance:

  • Conduct training needs assessment for MFIs
  • Develop training program and material for MFIs
  • Deliver training to MFIs
  • Support MFIs with meeting SBV licensing and regulatory requirements
  • Support capacity development for micro insurance providers
  • Provide training in partnership with MFI training institutes in other countries
  • Assess and consolidate the training needs of the key stakeholders in micro insurance

Training for supervisory agencies (State Bank of Vietnam):

  • Conduct training needs assessment for supervisory agencies
  • Review SBV microfinance supervision manuals and guidelines and recommend improvements Update / draft MFIs and PCFs inspection manuals
  • Develop  training program and material for supervisory agencies
  • Deliver training to supervisory agencies
  • Support SBV with establishing and implementing supervisory frameworks
  • Support MOF with establishing a supervisory framework for VBSP
  • Conduct micro insurance seminars and workshops for MOF Insurance Supervisory Authority

Establishment of a formal microfinance training network:

  • Develop concept to establish a national network of formal microfinance training
  • Develop plan for practical training courses tailored to the identified training needs
  • Coordinate and support partner microfinance training institutes in delivery of training courses
  • Ensure accessibility of training materials

Knowledge-sharing opportunities for supervisors and microfinance practitioners on international best practices:

  • Provide practical training in partnership with supervisory agencies in other countries