Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation

Sustainable approaches to broad-based soil conservation and rehabilitation supported. The focus of the project is on three main components:

  • Implementation of measures for soil conservation and rehabilitation;
  • Political and institutional mainstreaming of the issue of soil conservation and rehabilitation;
  • Knowledge management and network development on the topic soil protection.

The consortium is providing a variety of activities and services within the framework of the given background – these include:
Situation analysis and selection of pilot areas

  • Identify and analyse relevant stakeholders in the three pilot counties
  • Conduct study analysing the use of resources in selected watersheds
  • Analyse and select intervention areas for cooperation

Support target groups in planning of soil conservation measures

  • Support WRUA and other stakeholders at watershed level in planning soil conservation strategies
  • Agree on specific actions for integrated soil fertility management
  • Define processes for implementing the action plan

Advise and support implementation of joint soil conservation measures

  • Support target groups in planning and implementing community soil conservation and rehabilitation investments
  • Advise target groups in making use of soil conservation investments
  • Document and disseminate good integrated soil fertility management practises

Organise farmer field schools to teach conservation agriculture principles

  • Create or adapt conservation agriculture training modules
  • Organise and support farmer field schools with a soil conservation/CA focus
  • Design and support conservation agriculture demonstration experiments
  • Support local partners in the development of CA consulting and information concepts

Set up and equip services related to soil conservation

  • Establish systems to propagate of seeds and plants for biological erosion control and ground cover
  • Develop distribution systems for soil conservation and conservation agriculture machinery and equipment
  • Set up systems for need-based organic and mineral fertilisers
  • Integrate financial services for long-term financing of investments in soil conservation

Collaborate with German and international development cooperation in Kenya
Collaboration with local resources in Kenya
Support and capacity building to relevant service providers
Monitoring and evaluation
Management and utilisation of the contracts “incidental budget” i.e. Euro 800,000 to support project activities and attainment of the projects targets