Rural development, including agriculture (ProDRA)

The Project aims at improving the technical and economic productivity of selected value chains. The technical assistance comprises component C of the Project, which aims at improving value chain actors’ access to agricultural financial services.

This will be achieved through a preparatory analyses:

  • Actors for the cooperation are identified (in particular IMF and small farmers), and their goals and needs are defined (especially for the northern regions)
  • Concepts for the delivery of agricultural services, including credits, are developed.

Which is followed by courses and continued training on the supply side:

  • Employees of financial service providers are trained in risk analysis, cash flow analysis, and agricultural educatio
  • Financial service providers are trained in the launching of new products.
  • Agricultural advisers are trained in understanding new products.

As well as trainings on the demand side:

  • Small operators (part of the Farmer Business Schools) have received training in the area of financial literacy
  • Mid-level organisations receive advice in the domain of financial planning.

The pilot launch of new financial services is supported through

  • Interest mediation meetings.
  • Distribution of new products to small farmers.
  • Training to small producers in financial literacy.