Promotion of Sustainable Economic Development in Kyrgyzstan

The overall objective of the programme is to create jobs and increase income through the promotion of sustainable economic development, with the consideration of a green economy. The programme encompasses four fields of interventions (FoI): (1) Value Chain Promotion, (2) Local Economic Development, (3) Access to Finance and (4) Reform Policy.

The assignment focuses on value chain promotion and food safety and includes the following services:

Value chain promotion:

  • Capacity development on production and management: farmer field schools for vegetable VC, apricot VC, fruit/berry and nut collectors;
  • Organisational development to producer groups;
  • Promotion of water- and energy-saving technologies in the value chain;
  • Introduction and facilitation of organic and fair trade certification;
  • Support to service providers for organic certification;
  • Promote the legal and institutional framework for organic farming on national level through dialogue;
  • Facilitate business relationships between value chain actors and linkages to national and international markets (assess market demands and advise exporters.

Food Safety

  • Development of a comprehensive information and awareness raising strategy;
  • Review and design of training material on food safety and quality systems;
  • Set-up of a modular webinar for food safety and quality training;
  • Provide training sessions to service providers on food safety and quality issues;
  • Facilitate the introduction HACCP systems at interested food processors;
  • Set-up of traceability systems along the value chains;
  • Assess the institutional quality infrastructure;
  • Set up a regional task force of public food inspection services;
  • Provision of methods for risk-based inspections.