Promotion of Agricultural Value Chains - Component 1: Training and Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in the Promotion of Value Chains

The new Strategic Plan for the Recovery of the Agricultural Sector (SPRAS) 2010-2015 considers the promotion of value chains as an essential instrument for a better planning and implementation of sub-sector agricultural strategies in Benin. In this context the promotion of value chains - according to the ValueLinks approach - has already proved its worth in selected regions of Benin.

Within component 1 of ProAGRI, the main activities focussed on assisting the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries (MAEP) in its efforts to improve the public-private dialogue, to build capacities, to improve the political framework for agricultural production, to enhance general agricultural and trade conditions, to promote selected value chains offering considerable (export) opportunities and to train its staff on the value chain approach according to the ValueLinks method.

Services included:

  1. Build the Capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAEP) staff and key private sector value chain actors with regards to the analysis and promotion of agricultural valuechains (following the Valuelinks approach).
  2. Support the development of value chain promotion strategies for cashew, shea and rice value chains.
  3. Support public-private dialogue for the chashew, shea and rice value chains, at both regional and national levels, in order to identify the main impediments for value chain development and in order to develop sectorial policy recommendations.
  4. Support the MAEP and donor in developing a uniform monitoring and evaluation system compatible with the monitoring of value chain development.