Programme for the protection against erosion, restoration and development of degraded surfaces – Phase II

General objective of the project: The adaptability to climate change of the local population in the south-west of Burkina Faso is improved.

Activities and services provided included:

Output A:

  • Advise the communes with regards to the integration of measures for integrated natural resource protection in the municipal development plans
  • Consolidate the local authorities’ coordination capacity : planning, implementation and monitoring of natural resources conservation measures in watershed areas
  • Advise the communes with regards to the identification and prevention of potential land-use conflicts which could result from the measures protecting natural resources

Output B:

  • Assess the current situation: analyse the initial training and advisory needs
  • Develop training modules on climate change adaptation specific for the context
  • Identify and select advisors and trainers
  • Implement the trainings at different level
  • Evaluate the quality of the trainings and advisory services and their outcomes

    Output C:

  • Support the implementation of both mechanical and biological measures for protection against erosion and rehabilitation of degraded surfaces
  • Identify, select and promote the usage of appropriate varieties for biological protection & support measures for increasing availability, and planting)
  • Identify actions for promoting ecological diversity of the environment
  • Identify and select seeds adapted to the climate: support the target group in the distribution of seeds as well as their storage and conservation
  • Identify innovative local measures for adaptation to climate change and assess their relevance
  • Training in improved production and management techniques