Programme Promotion of productive agriculture (PromAP) – Phase III

Since 2012, GIZ's PromAP programme has been supporting small irrigation farming players in the Tillabéri, Tahoua and Agadez regions. The measures implemented to date have qualified the rural population (a total of around 39,000 farms) and in particular private service providers in all three regions in techniques for production-increasing and climate-sensitive small-scale irrigation.

The project objective for the third project phase is to enhance the potential of small-scale irrigation farming for the rural population reached by the project in the regions of Tillabéri, Tahoua and Agadez.

As a contractor for GIZ, the ECO/AFC/IRAM consortium is responsible for the entire output 3 (education and training), part of output 1 and the provision of short-term experts in all four outputs.

The activities carried out by ECO/AFC/IRAM are structured as follows:

  1. Further training, advice and support for the state advisory service APCA on small irrigation agriculture: Strengthening skills, setting up an M&E system, cooperation with professional organisations.
  2. Strengthening knowledge management: introduction of innovation, promotion of innovation platforms, processing and dissemination of learning experiences, integration of ICT, networking with training and research institutes.
  3. Further qualification of public and private consulting service providers: identification of training needs, development and dissemination of training modules and curricula, qualification of additional service providers, coordination of the organisation of training, preparation and dissemination of proven approaches and methods
  4. Development and management of a KZF pool, e.g. on the topics: Land law, land use planning, environmental monitoring, innovation development, knowledge management, organisation of advisory systems