Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR): Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security

The Project aims to work through two lead firms (LFs) in the agribusiness sector that see the opportunities to promote climate smart agriculture in project areas. The LF approach involves working directly with identified companies to strengthen their supply chain, ability to provide products and services in markets with high demand, and improve their organizational capacity. Interventions should also result in viable business models in terms of adoption of climate resilient farming practices, climate change risk management capacity of the private sector (including farming communities); market linkages established at input and output levels.

The Technical Service Provider implements:

  • Component-1: Capacity building of LFs to better cope with climate change risks; and
  • Component-2: Capacity building of farmers to better cope with climate change induced production risks.

    Services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Jointly with the LFs, prepare a work plan for the first 18 months of the project (pilot phase)
  • Conduct a Training Needs Assessment;
  • Analyse relevant value chains (rice, vegetables);
  • Develop training approach and materials,
  • Conduct training of LF staff (Training of trainers),
  • Provide advice on CSA technologies that fit the local circumstances and farming systems,
  • Develop demonstration plots;
  • Identify market-based delivery mechanisms for relevant, CSA agri-inputs
  • Guide LFs in Capacity building of farmers and  monitor LF deliverables,
  • Establish market linkages;
  • Provide administrative and financial management support,
  • Provide documentation, supervision, reporting.