Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP), Phases I-IV

The programme aims at enabling producers, processors, traders and exporters to increase production, processing, trading and exporting volumes and adjusting the quality of primary and processed produce to suit national and/or international market requirements. It furthermore advises the Ministry of Agriculture on the implementation of decentralised organisational reforms, improvement of service delivery, and private sector support. The following value chains are promoted: pineapple, citrus, mango and vegetables. The project intervenes in the South and Middle Belt of Ghana (Brong Ahafo, Volta, Eastern, Central, Greater Accra).

The technical assistance of the project focuses on climate sensitive quality production, the access to and improvement of advisory services, and the enhancement of common interest groups. Activities include:

  • Provide training and advice in good agricultural practices (GAP) / Cascade training approach (Training of Trainers);
  • Development and implementation of certified sustainability production standards;
  • Introduction of systems for quality management in processing;
  • Introduction of agricultural services in contract farming;
  • Provision of advisory services by input dealers;
  • Strengthening the Capacity of Private Sector Service Providers;
  • Establishment and promotion of community based groups for the management of local resources and investments;
  • Promotion and support of regional Value Chain (VC) committees;
  • Support of VC Specific Industry Associations.