Irrigation Extension Siengo Project

The sub-scheme Siengo is part of the irrigation zone N’Débougou and served by the Siengo distributor. Excessive waters are dissipated via the Siengo drain which flows into the Dina bayou. In the 1990s, an area of 3,100 ha of the Siengo sub-scheme has been rehabilitated. The area yet to be restored comprises about 1,670 ha. This area is the topic of the project “Irrigation extension Siengo”.

The project’s objectives were to contribute to the country’s food security and to poverty reduction, to improve the living conditions and the income of the population in the project zone and to safeguard agricultural production via an improved drainage system.

The services provided by the consortium for the  project included:

Establishing detailed designs, tendering and monitoring of work

  • Realisation of a detailed feasibility study and project designs for the irrigation and drainage networks. This includes:
    • Socio-economic aspects
    • Topographic work, geotechnical and soil studies
    • Hydraulic calculations
    • Developing technical specifications and planning for the execution of the work and the construction material
  • Establishing the tender dossier for the works.
  • Supporting the tendering authority with regards of the choice of company according to tender requirements.
  • Technical monitoring of the construction and rehabilitation works, and financial monitoring.

Technical expertise for the following areas:

  • Capacity building of farmers in rice and vegetable production and marketing.
  • Improved water management.
  • Professionalization of farmer organisations.
  • Capacity building of farmers with respect to infrastructure maintenance.