Introduction of a Quality Management Control System for Georgian Wine

The main objective of the project was to establish a quality assurance system for wine including an analysis laboratory in Georgia and to guarantee domestic and foreign customers a quality product up to the expectations of international markets.

Services included:

  • Policy advice to the Georgian Government to create the required framework conditions to enable production of quality wine according to EU standards.
  • Legislative approximation of wine quality assurance to EU and WTO standards.
  • Improve the co-operation between the Georgian State and private wine producing sector.
  • Institution building/Institutional capacity building: Advisory services to the Georgian Government in establishing a functional administration for viticulture.
  • Advisory services to selected Georgian wine producers on establishing private wine laboratories for wine quality control and analysis.
  • Human resources and organizational development; training personnel involved in the production of wine.
  • Training of personnel involved in different steps of wine quality control.
  • Advice/Institution building/Institutional capacity building on the set-up establishment of a foundation established by the Government and private wineries to establish and operate the wine testing laboratory.
  • Business development advice to the wine laboratory and the Foundation owning and operating the laboratory.
  • Advice in enhancing the competitiveness of  the Georgian private wine industry.