Innovations for Agriculture and Agro-Food (IAAA) - Milk Value Chain in Tunisia


The “Innovations for Agriculture and Agro-Food (IAAA)” project is implemented in Tunisia as part of the GIZ Global Project "Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIC)".

The overall objective of the project is to improve the socio-economic situation of smallholder farmers in rural areas through sustainable innovations to increase agricultural productivity and income. In 2016, the milk value chain was selected as a priority value chain by the IAAA project due to its socio-economic importance.

The aim of the assignment is to develop curricula on various specific topics and to conduct training courses at the "Competence Centre for the VAS Milk" in Thibar/Tunisia.


  • Design of the methodological approach according to the basic principles of adult education (andragogy)
  • Development of training content and materials for the following topics: Hoof and claw care, milking and milk cooling systems, collection centre management, milk transport, laboratory analysis, milk quality and dairy technology
  • Elaboration of training manuals and didactic tools
  • Training of trainers and tutors
  • Supervision of trainers and tutors during the trainings
  • Organisation of the trainings
  • M&E of the trainings
  • Organisation of the validation workshop