Improving Framework Conditions for a Competitive Private and Financial Sector (FAN) / Mozambique

The module objective of the TC measure is: the framework for a sustainable economic development especially in rural areas is improved and the competitiveness raised; access and usage of financial services especially in rural areas is increased.


  • At the initial stage the consultant’s team will assess the possibilities to establish a financial agent network in the three pilot regions Sofala, Manica and Inhambane. This assessment includes also the identification of interested and capable financial institution. A further focus is put on the assessment whether pre-existing network infrastructure (e.g. shops for fast-moving consumer good) could be integrated or a new network infrastructure needs to be established.
  • The project team shall assess as well how financial institutions can include the use of FANs in their efforts to develop demand-oriented products against the current situation where financial institutions provide off-the-shelf products.
  • Due to the regulatory framework the consultancy will  have to consider in the design of a such a FAN, the aspect of “non-exclusivity” and “inter-operability”
  • Furthermore the project team shall assess the anticipated need of IT technologies  in the near and mid-term future to enable new product development. This activity shall support the identification of the technologies which the Mozambican FANs would need or where need is anticipated in the near and mid-term future to enable new product development for each sector.
  • The team shall advise the newly established FANs in identifying critical IT technologies which enable them to compete in the area. The technologies shall be in line with the regulatory framework and shall feature interoperability between the existing platforms
  • The team will assess the ICT infrastructure and necessary adaptations of it in order to allow the establishment of a Financial Agent Network (e.g. requirements for a common switch system, IT system used by FAN etc.)
  • Furthermore partnerships shall be developed between FANs and local capacity building organizations-CBO (e.g. training centre, universities, consultancy firms) -at least one outside of Maputo- to develop  the institutions capacity for providing trainings and human resource development for the financial agents and as well providing awareness among the target population.