Housing Micro Finance Project

The Project supports the introduction of an innovative Housing Microfinance (HMF) Lending Product to local Financial Institutions (FIs), enabling the FIs to support low-income households improving, extending or incrementally building their homes in Tajikistan.

This objective will be achieved by assessing the potential for a successful introduction of HMF to Tajikistan, which includes

  • current and mid-term economic outlook, financial (banking/microfinance) market in the country given the financial crisis and sharp reduction of inflow of remittances (dynamics of the sizes of portfolios, NPL level, changes in interest rates, loans terms, collateral requirements, etc.).
  • interest and capacity of local financial institutions (FIs) to launch HMF lending operations.
  • assessment of the interest and capacity of clients of FIs to borrow for home improvement purposes, based on responses from at least 300 clients of FIs covering the following topics.