Green Innovation Centre for the Agriculture and Food Sector

Despite generally good agro-ecological conditions, the Nigerian agriculture and food industry is unable to meet the demand of a population in quantitative and qualitative terms. Due to a lack of coordination and cooperation between the actors along agricultural value chains, innovations in agricultural production and the upstream and downstream sectors are not sufficiently utilized in order to improve productivity, income and employment.

The objective of the project is to enhance the identification and implementation of innovations along the maize, rice, potato and cassava value chains in seven federal states of Nigeria. The methodological approach follows the principles of all 14 country packages for Green Innovation Centres and is in line with the following fields of action: (a) set-up and development of a platform for innovation management and competency development, (b) capacity development of stakeholder organizations for an effective and efficient dissemination of innovations, (c) further development of inclusive business models for an improved market access to farmers.

Services provided

  • Transfer of innovations to small farmers and their organizations by utilizing already prepared training and information material, curricula, as well as innovative ICT media, taking into consideration the existing potential for innovations in the four pilot value chains (rice, maize, cassava, potato)
  • Continued cooperation with the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADP) of selected pilot states in the delivery of trainings in Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Farmer Business Schools (FBS)
  • Transfer of innovations relevant for productivity and employment increase to up- and downstream enterprises: advice in technology and management topics
  • Set-up and development of physical innovation centre structures for the technical, methodological and organizational optimization of their services
  • Support to an improved access of value chain stakeholders to financial services
  • Documentation of best practices for scaling up