Global project on soil protection and rehabilitation of degraded soil for food security

Module objective: Sustainable approaches to the large-scale promotion of soil conservation and rehabilitation of degraded soils are realised in selected regions of Burkina Faso.

Module A: Techniques for water conservation and soil fertility increase are an inherent part of the production systems of the rural actors operating in the treated watersheds.


The global project acts in three fields of intervention, of which GOPA concerns itself uniquely of the first one.

Field of intervention 1 “Rehabilitation of watersheds and integrated management of soil fertility” realises decentralised physical and biological measurers of soil fertility management to enable watershed rehabilitation.

The other parts are treated by the GIZ:

Field of intervention 2 “Strengthening of soil protection legislation” seeks to create and reinforce municipal services and those of the village council.

Field of intervention 3 “Basic and further education as well as knowledge-management on the topic soil fertility management” seeks to institutionalise the topics soil protection and soil fertility management in organisations and individual competences.


GOPA consultants brings his consultancy services in the eight following strategic domains of intervention.  


1. Control process 1: Analysis and Selection of pilot regions (watersheds, municipalities)

1.1 Identify and analyse actors in the two pilot provinces

1.2 Realise a study to analyse the use of resources in selected municipalities

1.3 Analyse and select pilot municipalities for collaboration

2. Control process 2: Conception of promotion measures

2.1 Support actors in the planning of general promotion strategies on province level

2.2 Agree on specific strategies for the capacity development of partners

2.3 Plan processes for the strategy realisation

3. Performance process 1: Realisation of actions for the integrated soil fertility management on village level

3.1 Support target groups in the planning and realisation of work-intense investment measures  for the protection and rehabilitation of soil

3.2 Advise target groups in their adaptation of production systems to integrated soil fertility management

3.3 Design and accompany field experiments on integrated soil fertility management

3.4 Document and disseminate best practices on integrated soil fertility management

4. Performance process 2: Design and realisation of associated basic and further education

4.1 Create or adjust basic and further education modules on integrated soil fertility management 

4.2 Organise and support farmer field schools with the emphasis on soil protection

4.3 Support local partners in the development of consultant- and information concepts on integrated soil fertility management

5. Performance process 3: Installation of service provider and input-suppliers

5.1 Install a system for the multiplication of emblements and seed stock for biological erosion protection and ground cover

5.2 Develop a marketing system of machinery and tools for soil protection or rather conservative soil cultivation

5.3 Install systems for appropriate organic and mineral fertiliser

6. Performance process 4: Development of planning and design competences on municipality level

6.1 Strengthen municipalities in planning, implementation and monitoring of municipal actions on soil protection

6.2 Consult municipalities on the integration of soil protection measures in the municipal development planning

6.3 Consult municipalities in the establishment of user conventions and the management of conflicts of use

7. Monitoring and Evaluation

7.1 Develop an M&E-concept that conforms with the GV M&E-system

7.2 Raise basis values for outcome- and output-indicator

7.3. Collect and evaluate data continuously 

7.4. Create M&E-Newsletter

7.5. Ensure data exchange between the project and GV

7.6 Write progress and final reports on the project

8. Knowledge and information management

8.1 Install an electronic knowledge and information management system

8.2 Document and disseminate successful innovations

8.3 Document and disseminate successful service provider models

8.4 Document and disseminate successful qualification concepts and materials

8.5 Ensure knowledge transfer to local partners