German-Zambian Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) – Phase 1+2

The project objective contributes to the development and modernisation of the Zambian agriculture through training of market oriented farmers and multipliers who apply the knowledge gained through AKTC trainings.  

Beneficiaries of the project are emergent farmers, technical staff from agricultural farms and enterprises (tractor drivers, agronomists, and machinery service staff), farm managers, MoA extension staff and lecturers from agricultural training and education institutions.

The four envisaged results of the project are:

  • Beneficiaries are – through training – qualified to apply modern technique and cultivation methods in sustainable crop production and are able to use modern agricultural machinery and inputs efficiently.
  • The training programme for in individual target groups is optimised according to actual needs
  • Modern cultivation methods and technique is demonstrated on the demonstration fields
  • Options for a sustainable development of the AKTC after project end are identified