EYA! Empowering Youth in Agribusiness

The contractor will focus on the implementation of the activities relevant for the following fields of action: 

  • Field of action 1 "Demand-oriented qualification" aims at improving educational opportunities to qualify young people for employment in the agricultural and food industry. Agricultural vocational training institutions, e.g. public and private ATVET centres and further relevant institutions and training structures, will be put in a position to offer training that is more closely oriented to the practical requirements of the agricultural and food industry in terms of didactics and content.
  • Field of action 2 "Strengthening the demand for labour" aims at identifying and developing employment potentials for the rural youth with reference to the agricultural and food sector. To this end, cross-value chain support for start-ups, MSMEs and farmer cooperatives will be implemented, e.g. through improved business development services and incubators that provide training, coaching and mentoring for the development of sustainable business ideas, business models and business plans, professional management, improved quality and quantity of products or services, better access to markets, inputs, and (financial) services etc.

Programme overall objective: 

The project applies an integrated approach to employment promotion by strength-ening labour supply (qualification of young people) and labour demand (rural job creation) simultaneously to the promotion of labour market framework conditions.

Expected results: (Field of action 1 + 2)

Output-Indicator 1.1:

  • 3 new training programs, including 1 digitally based offer adapted to the needs of the agricultural and agri-food industry

Output- Indicator 1.2:

  • 6,000 people trained (40% of whom are women), 4,800 of them confirm rele-vance of the skills and knowledge transmitted

Output- Indicator 2.1:

  • 1,200 supported agricultural enterprises confirm that they implement em-ployment-promoting practices.